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Remote SQL server database several pros

to locate the perfect database solution our dedicated team always believe in to offer the reliable and unique information. As an effect, you would obtain a full time team focus to incline SQL server database performance more professionally including stabilization as well as security. Without making anything kind of struggle with different obstacles you can select our team as we are always ready to support you with more than 25 years of experience.

Slump cost- With the assistance of our accurate services you can save up to 60% your money and find out the more reasonable solution for your business database. At the same time for more professional solution we believe in to reduce our operational cost to make SQL server database environment smoothly.

Better support- With vast level of training our crew is extremely certified and experienced to deal with all kind of SQL server standard edition as well as enterprise edition. For 24/7 coverage without any issue you can meet with us and get high in return database solution.

Availability of all versions- Without concerning about anything else with us you can obtain the proper solution for multifarious kind of versions.

SQL server health check- after profound analysis of your system including configuration, performance, availability as well security we can deliver the better solution to you. Maintaining a proper review of your system and options for the development is one of the top priorities of our association.

SQL server high availability- when it comes to run the better reports against copy of your database you can rely on us. Consequently, without any trouble we would slump the level of stress on your production surroundings by allowing your users with most accurate reporting system.

SQL server always on- This is the system of great technology with the high level features to maintain proper availability. We are expert into offer the great recovery as well as balancing the production system to offset the best reports for effective database solution.

SQL server licensing- with proper support of licensing services we always try to save your money as much as we can. Thus, if you want to deal with reasonable and fully licensed model for your particular needs we are the best choices for you.

Supported Database Platforms

For most essential business availability of flexible as well as customizable plans

As a great partner for your DBA services, we believe in devoting the best confidence level that your most essential assets are always available, secure, and high performing with us to make you more satisfied at competitive prices.

Moreover, our entire team is highly trained and fully set up to deal with all kinds of database complications so that easily they can develop, monitor as well as maintain database architectures.no matter for us your database system is very small or very large we are always here to deal with it.

Our effective DBAs solution not only works with an onsite system but is also available virtually regardless of distance and location. Are you looking for full-time database support with the support of expertise and the skilled team then glad to consist with our team and fetch superior support from them?

One of the best things about our association is that they always believe in assigning separate database administrators so that without any typical issue or complications at limited prices you can fetch an effective and reliable database solution from them. According to your major needs, we are only one step far away from you so fill out our form and we would contact you soon to promote the fully accurate database services.

We have a solution that fits you

If your server is running with SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL as well as IBM anytime you can contact us and we would be glad to start with the encouragement of the most accurate customized plans. Whatever your association needs by applying the most valuable approaches we can easily fit your all business needs and make it more lucrative.

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We would love to help you with your database project or manage your environment, call us at +1 (647) 609-0074 ext. 2 or complete the form and start a conversation with Virtual-DBA today!

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    24×7 On-call Support

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    • You define the roles and responsibilities of your Remote DBA
    • 24×7 On-call Support
    • Access to Virtual-DBA Client Web Portal for Case Tracking
    • Primary DBA assigned for each supported platform


    24×7 Monitoring & Support

    Need expert attention 24×7?

    • Contains all features of the “Basic Plan”
    • 24×7 Monitoring & DBA Support
    • System resources and availability metrics “System Heartbeat”
    • Data collection on critical metrics for analysis and trending


    Support defined by you

    Unique business needs?

    • Define the DBA services you require
    • Choose your support windows as needed
    • Define the roles and responsibilities for your Remote DBA
    • Schedule the monitoring needed for your business